Wednesday, June 21, 2006


its been a while my blog friends. this thing is gonna get an overhaul soon, but for the time being i'm gonna let youtube satisfy you.

my goat friends

buttons (shout out to hollywood X)

how to re-create DJ Premier

Snoop Dogg tokin'

Arsenio Haaaaaaaaaaaaaall...and an early Snoop Dogg Diss

I was at this...

Hov's Commercial

For the H-Towners

enjoy biatches

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Coastal Connection, Phase One

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mr. CrowdControl

Dude should be strapped to the chair, cause he's killin' em out there.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

dirty third mayne

chalie boy the nammmmmmme! man - chalie boy - man! dude is on the rise...about to blow up. you know what - you hear that shit all the time, but if you actually listen to this cat, you can hear it in his voice. there is something about real artists - the ones that don't just sell records, but rather sing with the ability to give you a smile on your face and send shivers down your spine. Chalie is no exeption to this type of artist. The dude is htting his stride. The dude is serious. And, if that's not enough he has cats like the ric-erator and mr.blakes on his side.

Birdy fly fly

I missed these dudes last week in nYc. However, I've heard alot of their music and its great. Go pick up their album.

Open the Vault

Vault 49 is sick. Dudes have designed some of the illest stuff ever. This is a storefront that they designed. Check their stuff out.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


the account balance.

getting a job does not equate to getting rich. sorry if that sounds dumb, but sometimes i am. so, let's get back on the grind with this blog thing. i've been very very poor about this, so i'm gonna do my best to do it right. if i slack up again, make sure you email me at and give me a verbal beating.

so, i just got my turntables up here. of course, as my luck works, they were delivered damaged. luckily, i had insurance, so there gonna get fixed on UPS. i hope. i just updated my g4 with another gig, so hopefully it won't think about shorting out on my other gigs.

in the spirit of being new and improved, i have a new myspace account dedicated to music. not that i won't being giving you music here, but this is another outlet for ya'll to catch up on some kunaledge. make sure to add me as your homie.

and in a shocking revelation, i actually went to the gym today. i had a free session with a personal trainer so i went in expecting just a walk through around the place. again, no luck! fifteen minutes into the jaunt, i was ready to yack. beleeedat.

stop laughing at me. i'm no different from ya. expect a lil.

musak for ya ears:

TI. Listen to the man, he's on some different shit right now.
Ricardo is killen em. Here's how he's striking again. POW bitches!

SXSW questions? Ask Matt.
Actually, dude is pretty busy. Just go see him in person. He'll be around.

site of the moment:
crazy remixes and mixes. show some love.

over and out.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Thursday, February 09, 2006

touch the sky